Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Dream Place

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the Darband Valley is for away from Mansehra (NWFP) near a drive of 96 km, while travilling to darband u will see a great places as the most papular (silk way).
the darband is now in 2nd form of new cities as Mansehra, haveing the great river (Indus River) which is came from china & travelling a long distance by vallies such sawat , Palas , batagaram , Hunza , Gilgit & Touching to china.
the very beatifull view from both the sides of Darband, one side coming to Darband u will see & by leading with (Indus River) while other side to come over Darband u will have a up whole view of valley,, as shown in pictures,,, the historical places & great weather picture with their history.
The first picture is shown blew is the whole town, with (Indus River). This is touching one side to Darband while others side is leading to (Tarbella Dame & Haripur).
for more details you can visit this link all information about this area are also available here.  

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